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What is Certified Translation?

Clients may need certified translations for many reasons. Procedures with government entities (e.g. applying for a visa, obtaining a driver's license, claiming public benefits) often require certified translations. Similarly, legal proceedings, both civil (e.g. adoption, divorce) and criminal, may demand certified translations. Educational institutions also require foreign candidates to submit certified translations of application documents (e.g. diplomas, transcripts.)


What is Interpretation?

Interpreting is a highly skilled profession that requires training, education, and experience. Professional interpreters work to overcome language barriers and facilitate equal access to services and education. Professional interpreters conserve the full meaning and intent of the speaker, taking into account style, tone, dialect, and cultural differences to accurately and completely transfer concepts, thoughts and ideas between languages.

We provide certified and notarized translations and interpretations acceptable by the USCIS for all documents from any country in the world.

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