Video Remote Interpreting Services

Imagine waking up in a hospital where you do not speak the same language as your caregivers. You are sick, you are scared, and you are alone. Then someone brings in a tablet or smartphone, presses a button, and up comes someone who looks you in the eye and speaks your language. Through this interpreter, your doctors and nurses are suddenly able to understand not just what you say, but what you mean.
Use our translation service when you need it. Just have a smartphone / tablet / computer and internet access. Contact us to find out how to do this.

If anything, video remote interpreting is very budget friendly. Think about it, those who need interpreting services do not have to call in, pay hourly or cover travel fees for an interpreter everytime they need one.

In a healthcare setting or a legal setting, it is crucial for information to be interpreted accurately. When interpreters try to interpret over the phone, information can be lost, or misunderstood very easily.

What are the best uses for video interpreting?

On-demand video interpreting is ideal for:

Why Video Remote Interpreting is Trending in the Healthcare Field?

While some healthcare professionals may think they can depend on a patient’s spouse to interpret for them, interpreting complicated, and specific medical terms can get tricky, and these are terms that must be explained accurately by certified medical interpreters.

We speak Portuguese and Spanish.

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Better communication between patients and clinicians supports better outcomes.

During this difficult time, we're here to help.


Video Remote Interpreting
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